We work so that they grow, learn and are happy

The reason for being of our Center is to provide a high quality educational service in the First Cycle of Early Childhood Education (0 to 3 years), which offers our students an environment rich in stimuli , safe and comfortable where you feel loved, valued and happy.

To be a Leading Institution in the Stage of the First Cycle of Early Childhood Education 0-3 years. Educational model and reference of this level, therefore, for a year, we have been part of the International Educational Network Parentes, made up of schools, nursery schools and other institutions that seek educational excellence in the world. In the Network we all learn from the successes of all with the aim of contributing to a model of society that offers the same opportunities for all.

The ideas and values ​​that shape our behavior and determine our relationships are defined within the values ​​program of the center, they are part of our reason for being and our work in order to instill them in our students. Among them we highlight: respect for plurality and diversity. Equality education. Respect for the environment and its surroundings. Constancy, responsibility and taste for a job well done. Cooperation and teamwork. Order, tranquility and cleanliness.


Our work methodology is based on the theory of harmonic levels of development

Using play as a motivator, children learn through observation, manipulation, and experimentation. These proposals require students to cooperate and learn from each other. This way of working increases positive feelings towards others and personal self-esteem, favoring communication and socialization of children despite their age self-centeredness.

Throughout the course, different areas are being worked on that awaken the child’s interest: school, autumn, Christmas, toys, animals, food … to bring children closer to the experiences of their environment.


Our objective is to promote the harmonious development of our students, stimulating the global development of all their capacities (affective, motor, intellectual, expressive, communicative and social). 

In order to achieve the objectives set for this level (First Cycle Early Childhood Education), we start from the maturational development of our students, attending at all times to the diversity and peculiarities of each one

Our work aims to favor and facilitate a firm and solid construction of the foundations that will lay the foundations for the acquisition of future learning.


Our work focuses on the development through playful activities of the following parameters:

– Gross motor skills

– Fine motor skills

– Perception

– Adaptation

The application of our program is carried out through psychomotor, manipulative, perceptual, sensory activities … which, respecting the rhythm and individual differences of each student, develop their creativity, identity and personal autonomy and knowledge of the environment, enhancing their innate curiosity and stimulating their desire to learn.



The development of our students is continuously evaluated through a digital application, through which our educators send messages and photos to parents, both individually and collectively. The activity is recorded and sent instantly, keeping the family informed without waiting for departure time.

At the end of each of the trimesters, a report is delivered that collects the progress made by their children and in which we indicate how they are achieving the programmed objectives.

Our parents

The contact of parents with the school and its educational team is a priority for our Center. Following this criterion, the center has programmed information, relationship and mutual collaboration activities:

• Daily personal contact and communications through the School Agenda application
• Coaching with parents
• Parent Workshop
• Informational meetings, orientation and coaching with the team educational
• Periodic reports on the evolution of the child

Red Educativa Internacional

Our Supernenes Infant School is part of the great International Educational Network of the Parentes Foundation, which was created in 2019 with the aim of contributing to a model of society that can offer the same opportunities for everyone.

All the educational centers that make up the Fundación Parentes International Educational Network, whether they are schools, nursery schools, technical schools or any institution that pursues educational excellence, are aware of the important role they play in society today. For this reason, the Foundation has developed specific methodologies that help not to lose this leadership, regardless of the particular conditions and socio-cultural contexts of each educational entity. Fundación Parentes helps numerous centers to generate sustainable and efficient educational environments in order to guarantee their correct operation on a day-to-day basis.