Benefits of
from 0 to 3 years


Helps the child to dominate movement and improves his relationship with others.

Psychomotricity is a technique that helps children and babies to dominate their body movement in a healthy way, improving their relationship and communication with others. Its main advantage is that it favors the physical and mental health of the child. There are many workshops where they try to stimulate motor and psychomotor coordination with particular techniques for each child. Psychomotor skills are aimed at all boys and girls up to the age of 7.

What do psychomotor skills bring to children?

The psychomotor exercises allow the child to explore and investigate, overcome and transform conflict situations, face limitations, relate to others, know and oppose their fears, project their fantasies, live their dreams, develop their own initiative, assume roles , enjoy group play and express themselves freely.

Among the benefits associated with psychomotricity in boys and girls: awareness of one’s own standing or moving body, mastery of balance, control of various motor coordination, control of breathing, orientation of body space, adaptation to the outside world, improvement of creativity and expression of a general form, rhythm development, memory improvement, mastery of the horizontal and vertical planes, notions of intensity, size and location, discrimination of colors, shapes and sizes, notions of location and orientation, organization of the space and time …

Psychomotricity is a technique that, through body exercises, tries to enhance, establish and/or re-educate the whole of the person, motor, cognitive and affective aspects.

Through psychomotricity it is intended that the child, while having fun, develops and perfections all their basic and specific motor skills, enhance socialization with people of the same age and promote creativity, concentration and relaxation.