Detailed and daily information about your child

Our website makes available to families:

  • Information through the Web in a comfortable and updated way.
  • Agenda app (www.kinderclose.com) with detailed daily information about your child.
  • Advantages:
    • Guaranteed privacy of communications
    • Greater knowledge and detail of the minor’s daily activity
    • Much closer contact with the children’s center or nursery
    • Information always available on secure servers, this agenda is not lost or forgotten
    • Instant access to reports to know the evolution of the minor
    • Receiving messages and photos and the possibility of making a yearbook album at the end of the course
  • Features:
    • Quick filling, the agendas of all the students in the school are completed from the same screen of the educator’s APP in a few seconds.
    • Very complete daily file with nutritional information, quantity and time of taking bibis, time of diaper changes, start and end times of dreams, …
    • Information on absences and times of entry and exit. Reports to the director with the exact hours of the child in the center (per week and per month), with easy export to Exce.
    • Information on the menu of the day. Possibility to complete it in advance quickly.
    • Messages and individual photos, to all parents in a classroom or to all parents in the center.
    • Control from the direction of the center of communications between educators and families.
    • Functionality of important messages so that parents do not forget what the center considers a priority.
    • Favorite classroom option so that notifications only reach the classroom educators
    • Board with the information and regulations of the center
    • Calendar of upcoming events at the school